Tuesday, July 4, 2017


                      OUR BUDDY CLASS

   We have a buddy class, do you know who they are?                          
      Our buddy class is room 9A Leva, they are down by the main entrance next to the hall. We were lucky because Mrs Shackleton chose us to be their buddy class. 
We always meet them every second Wednesday. 

When we first met them Mrs Shackleton introduced us to everyone in the class. She showed us the movement studio where all the teachers help the children move and flex their muscles so they can walk and move on their own. We even got to play with them in the movement studio, we got to sit in the hammock and go down the slide and look into the sensory room.

We made a tree, I got to paint the trunk of the tree and our hands were the leaves of the tree.   


Author: Dylan Year 6

We choose picture books that we wanted to read to our buddies in Leva when we had our weekly library session. We were all really excited to read our stories to our buddies and we picked books that we thought they would like to listen to us read, that also had great pictures to entertain our buddies. Whaea Dee also picked up Leva's books from the library. We had an ample supply of books and we were ready to go. When we arrived in 9A Mrs Shackleton welcomed us in and told us to sit on the mat with our buddies. She explained to the students in 9A that today we would be reading stories. We were allow to read our stories in the Movement studio as well as the classroom.

We enjoyed reading our stories to our buddy class and it was fun being able to move between the movement studio and their classroom.


We are so glad Mrs Shackleton chose room 21 to be their buddy class as we have so much fun working with our buddies every second Wednesday.


Monday, July 3, 2017


At the beginning of term 2 we had the Science Roadshow come to our school. This term our concept focus is Science: transformation. We were focusing on matter. Did you know there are 3 states of matter. They are Solid, Liquid and Gas.

Water is a really good example of all three - when it is solid it is ice, when it is liquid it is water, and when it is gas it is steam. We did many different experiments over the term with science. We had to think and work like scientists. Forming a hypothesis - what we think would happen. Then closely observe what happens and record what we noticed and finally make a conclusion about why it happened the way it did.

 This was a cool experiment where they made elephant toothpaste it look so interesting and amazing.

They had so many activities here are just a few:

Julius from our class was a helper and he helped people when they were using the 3D printer, sadly on the day we went it wasn't working.

Here are some pictures from our class visit



Samoan Language week

Samoan Language week

During term 2 week 5 Papatoetoe South school celebrated Samoan Language week. We learn how to greet others, to ask others how they are, we also learnt how to use respectful language such as thank you and excuse me. 
Samoan greetings
Tālofa - Hello 
`o ā mai `oe? - How are you?
manuia fa'afetai - well thank you
manuia le aso - have a good day
tōfā - goodbye
tulou - excuse me

On Friday the 3 June we celebrated with a Samoan assembly for the entire school. All the teams did a Samoan performance. The senior school sang a Samoan song which we had been learning. It was wonderful seeing all the teachers wearing pule tasi as well as the students. We are very blessed to be in a school that celebrates diversity and cultures.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Scientific Oobleck

  On Wednesday the 14th of June, Room 21 undertook an experiment making matter change from one substance to another form of matter such as liquid changing to a solid, like water becoming ice. What was extra special about this experiment was that OOBLECK is a matter that can easily switch between a solid and a liquid.

EVERYONE in room 21 was eager to put oobleck to the test.

 Before we did anything, we had to do record our notes just like scientists do when they undertake experiments. All the bookwork was about materials for the experiment;
our hypothesis - which is what we predict will happen;
the method - what steps we took;
observations - what was the reaction.
  Right after that, we had talked about the method.

For this experiment you will need:

1-2 cups Cornflour or cornstarch

1/2 - 1 cup Water

Food colouring or dye

Our teacher put the cornflour into three large cups and grouped the six teams into 3 teams of two.

This was the method we used:
Step 1. Tip the cornflour in the container, then add food colouring.
Step 2. After that pour some water on the combination, slowly.
Step 3. Mix altogether.

 Someone from each table had poured the water on the cornstarch and dye, as soon as the water tipped in, the dye activated. Everyone on the table just dug right into mixing it with their hands. Their was a lot of noises like "EWWW" or "THAT FEELS WEIRD".

We had different colours of oobleck on each of the tables. The oobleck felt semi solid and semi liquid, this is because the cornstarch reacted to the water differently. The cornstarch has viscosity that changes the way it feels. When we punch the oobleck it turns hard and into a solid and when we touched it gently it stuck to our hands and was liquid like.


If our team picked a dark coloured dye for the oobleck, the dye would stain our hands for a long time. Some students who picked dark blue, their hands looked like smurfs!! When we had to pack up, it was really messy as the oobleck was also on the tables and not just in the tray.  We were excited and all talking together about the texture and how the oobleck constantly changed. Oobleck was everywhere.

All in all it was a really fun and hands on experiment to try out together as a classroom. He Waka eke noa!!! What a great experience!

Maybe you want to try it sometime?

Author: Nihinsa Year 6

Monday, May 22, 2017

Papatoetoe South`s Water Fun Day

On a overcast warm summer's day, the entire Papatoetoe South School held a fun water sports day. The event took place on Friday the 10th of March. This water sports day was for fun as well as team and class bonding. The junior team had their time in the first block, middle team had theirs in the second block and the senior team we finally had ours in the last block. It was so hard waiting the whole day and seeing the other teams having fun doing the water sports activities. This day was fun for the entire school, especially  for the teachers and teacher aides since they got to squirt us with water guns! How was that fair for the students, I ask you!
 First of all, we had to line up in our bright red P.E gear, since we were representing the red team. Room 21 and Room 18 were versing each other. We then had to sit on the wet field as it had been raining, but we didn't mind as we couldn't wait to have our teams water fun. We listened while the teachers told us the instructions to the games we were going to play. The first game we had fun with was sponge relay. I assumed that everyone thought the game will be fun from the look on their smiling faces. Everyone looked eager to play from the way our teacher had explained it. When we knew the instructions to the game, off we go zooming ahead to the bucket so we can get as much water from the sponge in the bucket as we can. At the end of that game everyone looked puffed out.

Next we had a lot of fun playing Rob the Nest. It was a really simple game, all you had to do was take little eggs out of nests but an obvious alternative was tennis balls and hula hoops instead. There was a bit of team rivalry since most of the teams were versing against their friends. Everyone was having fun even though they longed to have victory against the other teams. That game had everyone's heart running. Playing that game was really enjoyable for the whole team. 

After that fun and energetic game, it went to a whole other level of exciting fun. Thanks to the obstacle course which had a huge slippery water slide. This part of the day was the most wet and most exciting.  
FINALLY at the obstacle course with the WATER SLIDE!!!

Shikara about to go in, while Damien squirts us as we wait for our turn,
Good aim there Damien. 

Damien and Vavega chose not to go on the obstacle course with Joseph and squirted us with the water guns instead!!
Vavega and Joseph were squirting us on our way back to the start.
Julius about to land in the pool.

Brooklyn inside 
Shayaan on his way back.

Dylan and Shayaan at the bottom of the slide.

Ashiana and Shagun exiting the slide.

The water slide was the most favourite part of our Water Sports fun day. We all got really wet when we landed in the bottom but we didn't mind as we were having so much awesome fun together. Everybody enjoyed going on the obstacle course and we all wanted to play on it longer, but we had our next activity to do. We all got really wet when we landed in the bottom but we didn't mind as we were having so much awesome fun together.

 Navaeh going down the slide.
I think that people were having the best time of their life from the adrenaline on the obstacle course. My observation was that a lot of smaller people could slip through the course with ease.The look on people faces when they were slipping down the dirty slide was priceless. It was fun while it lasted. 
Kamren climbing up to the slide.
Liam sliding down on his way into the pool.

Nihinsa landing in the water. 
Banshveer and Krishita at the bottom of the slide.
The last activity of the day was the hurdle jump. we had to carry a cup of water and jump over hurdles and try not to spill any water so we could fill our bucket before room 18.
Zaafirah about to begin the hurdle jumps.
Ngakiri on her last hurdle.

It wasn't easy for Grace to keep the water in the cup when it had a hole in it.

Suhani is completing her last hurdle on the way to the bucket.

Julius is concentrating hard to not spill any water from his cup.

Shayaan is doing a great job balancing the cup and jumping the hurdles.

Here we are at the end of our schools water sports day; the Awesome Room 21!!! 

What a fantastic day the entire Papatoetoe South school had during Water Sports day. We had the best day getting wet together and trying to beat room 18 at Sponge relay, Rob the nest, Obstacle course/water slide and hurdle jumps. We weren't successful at winning, however we all had a great time together and had one of the best fun days of Term 1.