Sunday, March 12, 2017

We're all in this together

Room 21 are learning about 'Working together in a team' - as our Concept this term is:  'He waka eke noa' which means 'We're all this together'. 

We are learning to be cooperative learners - this is about working together as a team.
 We worked together in our teams to make cup pyramids without using our hands. We used rubber-bands and string to move the cups instead. 

It may look easy, but it took lots of team work and working together  to be able to make the cup pyramid.

 It even took a few attempts to make our cup pyramid, even when we were so close to finishing. We needed to persevere and work together as a team to achieve our goal.

Here we are in our teams.  Our team work and perseverance paid off here we are with our completed pyramids. TEAM WORK IS DREAM WORK!!!