Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Scientific Oobleck

  On Wednesday the 14th of June, Room 21 undertook an experiment making matter change from one substance to another form of matter such as liquid changing to a solid, like water becoming ice. What was extra special about this experiment was that OOBLECK is a matter that can easily switch between a solid and a liquid.

EVERYONE in room 21 was eager to put oobleck to the test.

 Before we did anything, we had to do record our notes just like scientists do when they undertake experiments. All the bookwork was about materials for the experiment;
our hypothesis - which is what we predict will happen;
the method - what steps we took;
observations - what was the reaction.
  Right after that, we had talked about the method.

For this experiment you will need:

1-2 cups Cornflour or cornstarch

1/2 - 1 cup Water

Food colouring or dye

Our teacher put the cornflour into three large cups and grouped the six teams into 3 teams of two.

This was the method we used:
Step 1. Tip the cornflour in the container, then add food colouring.
Step 2. After that pour some water on the combination, slowly.
Step 3. Mix altogether.

 Someone from each table had poured the water on the cornstarch and dye, as soon as the water tipped in, the dye activated. Everyone on the table just dug right into mixing it with their hands. Their was a lot of noises like "EWWW" or "THAT FEELS WEIRD".

We had different colours of oobleck on each of the tables. The oobleck felt semi solid and semi liquid, this is because the cornstarch reacted to the water differently. The cornstarch has viscosity that changes the way it feels. When we punch the oobleck it turns hard and into a solid and when we touched it gently it stuck to our hands and was liquid like.


If our team picked a dark coloured dye for the oobleck, the dye would stain our hands for a long time. Some students who picked dark blue, their hands looked like smurfs!! When we had to pack up, it was really messy as the oobleck was also on the tables and not just in the tray.  We were excited and all talking together about the texture and how the oobleck constantly changed. Oobleck was everywhere.

All in all it was a really fun and hands on experiment to try out together as a classroom. He Waka eke noa!!! What a great experience!

Maybe you want to try it sometime?

Author: Nihinsa Year 6