Tuesday, July 4, 2017


                      OUR BUDDY CLASS

   We have a buddy class, do you know who they are?                          
      Our buddy class is room 9A Leva, they are down by the main entrance next to the hall. We were lucky because Mrs Shackleton chose us to be their buddy class. 
We always meet them every second Wednesday. 

When we first met them Mrs Shackleton introduced us to everyone in the class. She showed us the movement studio where all the teachers help the children move and flex their muscles so they can walk and move on their own. We even got to play with them in the movement studio, we got to sit in the hammock and go down the slide and look into the sensory room.

We made a tree, I got to paint the trunk of the tree and our hands were the leaves of the tree.   


Author: Dylan Year 6

We choose picture books that we wanted to read to our buddies in Leva when we had our weekly library session. We were all really excited to read our stories to our buddies and we picked books that we thought they would like to listen to us read, that also had great pictures to entertain our buddies. Whaea Dee also picked up Leva's books from the library. We had an ample supply of books and we were ready to go. When we arrived in 9A Mrs Shackleton welcomed us in and told us to sit on the mat with our buddies. She explained to the students in 9A that today we would be reading stories. We were allow to read our stories in the Movement studio as well as the classroom.

We enjoyed reading our stories to our buddy class and it was fun being able to move between the movement studio and their classroom.


We are so glad Mrs Shackleton chose room 21 to be their buddy class as we have so much fun working with our buddies every second Wednesday.


Monday, July 3, 2017


At the beginning of term 2 we had the Science Roadshow come to our school. This term our concept focus is Science: transformation. We were focusing on matter. Did you know there are 3 states of matter. They are Solid, Liquid and Gas.

Water is a really good example of all three - when it is solid it is ice, when it is liquid it is water, and when it is gas it is steam. We did many different experiments over the term with science. We had to think and work like scientists. Forming a hypothesis - what we think would happen. Then closely observe what happens and record what we noticed and finally make a conclusion about why it happened the way it did.

 This was a cool experiment where they made elephant toothpaste it look so interesting and amazing.

They had so many activities here are just a few:

Julius from our class was a helper and he helped people when they were using the 3D printer, sadly on the day we went it wasn't working.

Here are some pictures from our class visit



Samoan Language week

Samoan Language week

During term 2 week 5 Papatoetoe South school celebrated Samoan Language week. We learn how to greet others, to ask others how they are, we also learnt how to use respectful language such as thank you and excuse me. 
Samoan greetings
Tālofa - Hello 
`o ā mai `oe? - How are you?
manuia fa'afetai - well thank you
manuia le aso - have a good day
tōfā - goodbye
tulou - excuse me

On Friday the 3 June we celebrated with a Samoan assembly for the entire school. All the teams did a Samoan performance. The senior school sang a Samoan song which we had been learning. It was wonderful seeing all the teachers wearing pule tasi as well as the students. We are very blessed to be in a school that celebrates diversity and cultures.