Monday, July 3, 2017

Samoan Language week

Samoan Language week

During term 2 week 5 Papatoetoe South school celebrated Samoan Language week. We learn how to greet others, to ask others how they are, we also learnt how to use respectful language such as thank you and excuse me. 
Samoan greetings
Tālofa - Hello 
`o ā mai `oe? - How are you?
manuia fa'afetai - well thank you
manuia le aso - have a good day
tōfā - goodbye
tulou - excuse me

On Friday the 3 June we celebrated with a Samoan assembly for the entire school. All the teams did a Samoan performance. The senior school sang a Samoan song which we had been learning. It was wonderful seeing all the teachers wearing pule tasi as well as the students. We are very blessed to be in a school that celebrates diversity and cultures.

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